Quantification and optimization of the enzymatic activities

The discoveries of insect’s enzymes acting fast, in water and at room temperature on plastics opened a new world of research.

Can we optimize the enzyme production and activity? How do these enzymes act?
These are some of the questions we are prioritizing in view of the application of the wax worm enzymes in the management of plastic residues.

Characterization of the degradation products using PE and other polyolefins

The identification of PE degradation products lays the basis for further exploration for a) acquiring info on the full potentiality of the enzymes’ activity and the full spectrum of degradation products; b) developing applications of the technology in a plastic recycling/upcycling economy.

Portfolio of enzymatic activities

Widening the exploration of enzymatic activities with capacity to degrade plastics will open new frontiers within the bioremediation field using insects as a tool.

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